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-Philanthropic Consulting
-TV/Film Development and Production
-Special Event Production
-Entertainment and Media Relations
-Foundational Branding Strategy



-To help cultivate a new age of philanthropists within the entertainment media industry.

-To help establish philanthropic role-models who will inspire others to give back to their communities and create a high-profile, mutually supportive charitable community that works together in support of a diverse range of missions and goals.

-To honor philanthropy in all of its aspects, whether manifested by the giving of time, talent, or money to assist others.

-To encourage and support new philanthropy by offering professional, strategic, and cost-effective philanthropic consulting and management services


-Articulating.  We explore, clarify and articulate your philanthropic vision, values and mission into a proactive charitable plan that adds to your personal legacy.

-Branding.  Brand expression is multidisciplinary, as it fuses Brand Strategy (how the brand is defined) and Brand Identity (how the brand is articulated). This ensures that the brand remains consistent and relevant as it responds to changes in the world, as the brand both defines, and is defined by consumer experience.
-Planning. We help you select the most worthy beneficiaries of your giving or provide you with ideas, research, and feedback on how to create novel philanthropy.

We have the ability to assist non-profits and corporations in developing innovative and effective cause marketing campaigns that will generate the much needed funding for the social programs they care about most.

-Bridging. We empower you to build momentum quickly by bridging our contacts and leveraging our experience to advance your goals and spark interest in your ideas.


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